SPES S.c.p.A.

Società di Promozione degli Enti Savonesi per l'Università

SPES S.c.p.A.

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The company SPES is located in Savona inside University Campus, on the ground floor of the Branca Building.

The offices are open from Monday to Friday excluding national and locals holidays.

The following data are provided for contacts and communications. 

Registered and operating office

SPES S.c.p.A. - Società di Promozione degli Enti Savonesi per l'Università
Via Armando Magliotto, 2 - Campus Universitario - Pal. Branca
17100 Savona - P. IVA e Cod. Fiscale 00511850091

Offices and Contacts

Secretarial office

Tel:  019-21945481 - Fax: 019-21945480
Email: segreteria@spes-savona.it 

Certified mail: pecspes@spes.legalmail.it

Administrative office

Tel:  019-21945483 - Fax: 019-21945480
Email: amministrazione@spes-savona.it 

Certified mail: pecspes@spes.legalmail.it

Training office

Tel:  019-21945484- 019-21945485 - Fax: 019-21945480
Email: formazione@spes-savona.it

Certified mail: pecspes@spes.legalmail.it

How to reach the Campus

At the link below you can find a vademecum containing the logistical information necessary for those who will reach the Campus daily through the train station and the Campus Map

How to reach the Campus - Campus Map

By car

Savona is about 45 km far from Genoa; the nearest Highway exit to the Campus (located in the Legino area) is "Savona". For more information, please see Google Maps by entering the key "Campus Universitario di Savona" or visit the "Autostrade" website.

By train

The Savona railway station is located in Piazza Aldo Moro. The Campus can be reached from the railway station on foot (about 25 min), by bus (about 15 min) or by taxi (5 min).

By plane

The nearest airport is Genoa (about 50 km from Savona). From the airport "Cristoforo Colombo", you can arrive at Savona by train or by car. For all information please visit the Genoa Airport website.

By bus

The urban and suburban transport services of Savona are managed by the TPL Linea. Campus of Savona can be reached from the Savona railway station through the urban lines n. 1, 1 /, 4 and 4 / and a direct line to our University Campus leaving from Piazza del Popolo (city center) at 9.00 am, stopping at the Railway Station at 9.05 am and arriving at the Campus in a few minutes. The bus line sign is “UNIVERSITY”. For more information and timetables please visit the website of the bus company “TPL Linea”.

Services that have an agreement with local accommodation facilities

If you need more information to stay in Savona please click here